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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Syria is Collapsing Next Door; Israel is Bombing Hizbullah in the Golan, So What was the Biggest Concern in Lebanon this Week?

Lebanon is still unable to agree on a new President. Violence breaks our regularly in Tripoli. The Syrian civil war has spilled across the border several times. Over the weekend Israel bombed Hizbullah in the Golan Heights, which could spill over into southern Lebanon. So what is the biggest concern in Lebanon?

Why of course, it's the selfie Miss Israel posted showing herself standing next to Miss Lebanon. (Also Miss Slovenia and Miss Japan, but those countries have been silent.) Miss Lebanon says Miss Israel took the photo without asking.

Needless to say, the commentary in Lebanon has been heated, while outside Lebanon a certain bemused reaction seems more common. I rather doubt Miss Lebanon would have posed willingly as she must be aware that many people back home would be upset, but the whole affair tends to make it easy for others to poke fun at Lebanon.

Including satirist Jon Stewart, who makes the inevitable "photobomb' joke:

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