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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Update: blogging will remain sparse another day or so. I'll be back. (Say in Schwarzenegger voice.)

Blogging has been sparse due to deadlines, but I should say something about the attempted suicide bombing at the Temple of Karnak. Egypt's tourist industry has been struggling to revive since the revolutionary upheavals of 2011-2013, and this presents a tempting target to radical jihadis. Just recently there was an attack on tourist police near the pyramids, and now this failed suicide bombing at Luxor's Temple of Karnak. No tourists were injured, but reports say some police and shopkeepers were wounded.

The attack on foreign tourists at the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir al-Bahri in 1997 (just across the Nile from Luxor) killed 62 people 58 of them tourists, and remains the worst attack on tourists to date, though there have been others, especially in Sinai. I suspect this will not be an isolated case.

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Anonymous said...

It was actually a smart taxi driver carrying the three guys that took notice when, spying a police checkpoint ahead, decided to get out in front of a snack bar. He continued on his way and immediately reported them to the police, who took action.

Two died on site [their bodies were dismembered, presumably from whatever bomb they were carrying] and the other in the hospital shortly afterwards. A neighbor in Beni Suef immediately recognized the picture of one when it appeared on TV and later told the press that he had never had any hint that the quiet guy was involved in something like this.