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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Several Articles on Algerian Arabic

It's been a while since I've had a linguistic post, but one of the best linguistics bloggers out there, Algerian Lameen Souag at Jabal al-Lughat, had a productive August with numerous posts relating to Algerian Arabic (as well as a few ion other issues in Berber and Songhay). Since the whole colloquial vs. literary issue is a frequent topic here, all the Algerian Arabic posts are of interest as is one on the Arabic vs. French issue..

"Can Two Kids Change Algerian Arabic? (Probably Not, But Let's See.)"

"Algerian Arabic in schools? More smoke than fire." 

"Algerian Arabic in schools? Actions speak louder than words." 

"Teaching in Dardja before  colonial rule." (Dardja = Algerian colloquial.)

"Discrimination against Arabic in Algeria?"  This is about Francophone bias, the other big linguistic issue in Algeria (alongside classical/Dardja and Arab/Berber).  Lameen does note, "Attention conservation notice: The story below is probably being promoted as a distraction, to keep Algerians talking about language instead of about what happens when a succession crisis combines with a fall in oil prices, in a state almost entirely dependent on oil revenue. Nevertheless, while not the most immediately pressing problem facing Algeria, it deserves attention on this blog."

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