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Friday, March 25, 2016

Egyptian Police Say Regeni Killing Was Done by a "Criminal Gang" Disguised as Police, But the Gang is All Dead Now, So, Case Closed?

From the time Italian graduate student Giulio Regeni was found tortured and killed, the police have offered several explanations, but most have been dismissed or denied by prosecutors investigating the case.

The latest explanation goes like this: Regeni was kidnapped by a gang who dressed as policemen to abduct and rob foreigners. (Are other foreigners missing?) The police raided the gang's hideout and found Regeni's passport and other belongings. Conveniently the gang were all killed in the resulting firefight. Therefore, case closed, right?

The fact that the police have produced Regeni's passport could, of course, be just as easily explained if, as many suspect, they were responsible for his death. The Ministry of the Interior, which supervises the police, has given confused accounts of whether the gang was responsible. Blogger Zeinobia raises some of the obvious questions.

Nor is Italy satisfied. The whole thing seems too convenient, and now the Interior Ministry says the investigation is ongoing.

I don't think this case is closed, however much the police may want it to be.

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