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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Latin Leaders of Arab Origin

Now that the new interim President of Brazil is of Lebanese origin, The Washington Post surveys the success of Latin American politicians pf Arab origin.

Which reminds me of a brilliant remark I saw somewhere on social media, though I must apologize to the author for forgetting who said it:  Brazil now has a Lebanese President, while Lebanon still doesn't.

The Lebanese Presidency has been vacant since 2014.

Update: a commenter credits Karl Sharro and it certainly sounds like him, though I can't locate the original.

Update II: Apparently a lot of people had the same thought.


Jay Roddy said...

Karl Sherro (@KarlRemarks) definitely made the Lebanese president joke, though I don't know if he was the first.

Anonymous said...


Donald said...

And like many Lebanese politicians as honest as the day is short.