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Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu and the Middle East

Swine flu doesn't seem to have broken out in the Middle East yet, but at least based on the newspapers that hasn't stopped governments and individuals from wild speculation, pre-emptive action, and controversy. Although human-to-human transmission of the virus seems to be what is alarming most of the world, the Middle East, where Islam and Judaism both ban pork, seems to be concentrating on blocking pigs. Among the items I've noticed so far:
  • In Israel, which has two people under observation for possible but unconfirmed infection, the Deputy Agriculture Minister, Yakov Litzman, a haredi or Ultra-Orthodox Jew from the United Torah Judaism faction, has said that Israel will refer to the disease as "Mexico flu," since swine is forbidden.

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Anonymous said...

According to AljazeeraTop Arab countries import US pork and Ham this year are: UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.

UAE: 54 Ton.

Bahrain: 5 Ton

Egypt at the top but never purchased this year.

I hope this is informative.



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