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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Al-Riyadh on Lebanon Returning to Syria?

Oh, my. This could set off some real paranoia in some Lebanese circles, coming as it does after the ‘Abdullah-Asad summit: Al-Riyadh, the Saudi newspaper, is asking "Why Doesn't Lebanon Return to Syria?"

It's in Arabic so some of you can't read it, but it will get attention, I suspect, in the Lebanese press. Yes, the opening lines are, "I realize it's not an easy manner, and the difficulties are not exclusively Lebanese ..." You got that right.

Sorry I'm not so attuned to Al-Riyadh as to be able to pick up on any nuances here. But the Lebanese are going to be reading this one carefully.

UPDATE: See the links in the first comment below.


LJ Marczak said...

Friday's AlRiyadh ran a "reprint" of an article by Jamal Khashogi which appeared yesterday in AlWatan (where he is ra'is at-tahrir) on Lebanese national "integrity" and the solicitude of the Kingdom for its existence.

With a quote attributed to the late King Faysal "If Lebanon did not exist, we would be obliged to create it".


As well as a mea culpa by Turky As-Sudairi for his earlier article (actually issued today).


Michael Collins Dunn said...


I've noted your links in an "Update" in the body of the post, so folks who never click on comments will know to see them.