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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Chinese Navy Visits the Gulf

A Chinese naval contingent is visiting Abu Dhabi. China had already projected naval power in the region by patrolling the Gulf of Aden against Somali pirates to protect Chinese shipping.

In the Middle Ages, Arab traders sailed from Basra to the Guangzhou region regularly. Today, China is beginning to return the favor.

Admiral Mahan, please call your office.


David B Roberts said...

It's interesting to ponder the expansion of China's 'string of pearls' to their port in Gwadar, Pakistan and perhaps beyond. Are their anti-piracy patrols testing the waters, so to speak?

A Chinese rear-Admiral is (probably) speaking at DIMDEX, a marine security-cum-arms fair, next week in Doha. Hence, I would suppose, the main reason the Chinese boats are here. It's attracted quite the crowd: British, American, French, Turkish, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and Saudi naval Admirals and other representatives...though I get the feeling that one nation has been missed out...

Michael Collins Dunn said...


Hmm, any other Gulf naval powers missing from that list? Let me think.