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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disappearing Summit?

Despite reports in several Arab and Israeli papers, no Sharm al-Sheikh summit seems to have happened. Of course, the timing could be off, or it could be kept quiet till it's over. Hmm....

UPDATE: A commenter points me to an article in Syria's al-Watan strongly denying the oriignal reports. (Arabic.)


Anonymous said...

I told you before that the so called Western "orientalists" make the same mistakes since 200 years ago.

If you follow Arab blogs, websites and writers then you will know why the Summit didn't happened.

You keep searching for Western media sources on an event in the ME

Michael Collins Dunn said...

I follow many Arabic blogs and websites and haven't seen an explanation. Would you care to provide a link?

Anonymous said...


Michael Collins Dunn said...

Many thanks: link added. More tomorrow.