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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mubarak Meets Cabinet

Well, as promised, Husni Mubarak has held his first Cabinet meeting since his surgery, in Sharm al-Sheikh, not Cairo. I can't find pictures just yet, but see they discussed (gasp) wheat subsidies, Nile water sharing, and inflation.

His long convalescence had been starting to raise eyebrows again. And his 82nd birthday will be May 4, which will give everyone the opportunity to break out the succession stories yet again. Right now, Mubarak may be all over the state media, but ElBaradei owns the news cycle and the independent media. I suspect he'll either become more visible or drop some clues to his plans; the longer he does neither, the more uncertain things become. He's already caused flutters in the Egyptian Bourse over rumors of his condition.

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