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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

55 Years Ago: Tunisian Republic Declared

Tunisia's Last Bey and Short-Term King
On July 25, 1957, 55 years ago today, Habib Bourguiba abolished the Tunisian throne (a Kingdom succeeded the Beylicate on independence from France in 1956) and proclaimed a republic. The last monarch served for 13 years as Bey and just a bit over a year as King. Bourguiba ended the monarchy but then he ruled for another 30 years, and his successor ruled for 24, so the "republic" distinction may be academic. Though the last Bey and sole King (left), Muhammad VIII al-Amin, last of the Husseinid dynasty, had a nicer hat. I posted previously about the Tunisian monarchy back during the revolution.

Two videos, one in French, one in Arabic, deal with the proclamation:

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