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Monday, July 30, 2012

Egypt: No Rush on That Cabinet

Muhammad Morsi has been in office a month today. He finally has a Prime Minister, but that Prime Minister still doesn't have a Cabinet. There was a false alarm when, last week, Prime Minister Qandil announced that the Cabinet would be announced on Saturday. Then, on Friday, he announced that, no, actually, it turned out he needed more time. The assumption is that negotiations with various candidates and parties, and perhaps struggles with the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Council and/or the military, are delaying things.

Now they say that the new Cabinet will be named on this coming Thursday, or at any rate sometime this week. Well, maybe, but we've had promises before. It's now supposedly "70% complete." They're also promising Presidential appointments (perhaps the Vice Presidents) on Thursday.


David Mack said...

As Egyptians say, with more than a dash of scepicism, "Bukra fi mish mish!"

Michael Collins Dunn said...

Which, as the Egyptian explained to the Mexican, "is like manana but without the sense of desperate urgency."