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Monday, July 23, 2012

Irony: Suleiman's Supporters Don't Seem to Know Their Man

 From Ahram Online's report on the arrival of the body of just-deceased former Egyptian spy chief ‘Omar Suleiman at Cairo airport before his military funeral Saturday:
Suleiman's body arrived at Cairo airport on Saturday morning amid tight security and emotional scenes as dozens of supporters of the ex-spy chief flocked to Egypt's main air transport hub. 
Wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with the Egyptian flag, they chanted prayers for Suleiman and slogans against Israel and the United States.
Suleiman may have held a lot of secrets, but his close working relationships with the intelligence and security services of both the US and Israel were not among them: they were well known. His supporters seem to be missing something here. Even the conspiracy theorists who think his death at the Cleveland Clinic means the US did him in might have trouble explaining why they're chanting against the two countries that will miss Suleiman the most.

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