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Monday, July 30, 2012

To Start the Week: Food Fights: World Champion Falafel

A couple of years back, before the wave of Arab revolutions distracted people, we had a string of articles about competitions to make the world's largest plate of hummus (See here and here and here), with one of those articles also dealing with the world's largest plate of tabbouleh.

Well, apparently the food fights are on again. Jordan has weighed in (literally) with the world's largest falafel, at 74.75 kilograms. The previous holder, according to the Guinness book, was only 23.94 kilograms and was prepared in California. The hummus battles were usually between Lebanon and Israel, and were preferable to the more explosive sort of battles, but the idea of a giant falafel is somehow more daunting, I'm not entirely sure why.

The falafel in question

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