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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Those Were The Days . . . Egyptian Stella Beer as a "Family Drink"

Before the Salafis in Egypt: "The Preferred Drink of the Family: Stella Beer."
Via Liberal Koshari
From some 60 years ago, apparently. They haven't managed to ban Stella yet, but they don't advertise it this way anymore. I can't tell if the little girl is supposed to be partaking. Thanks to Liberal Koshari for the image. (Update: I think they got it from Vintage Egypt, which dates it to 1953,)

Don't forget: Salafis or no, beer is an ancient tradition in Egypt. Beer was buried in tombs to refresh the deceased in the afterlife. Beermaking is shown in pharaonic figurines (also I believe buried in tombs), below:
 Of course, the Salafis wouldn't approve of the outfits, either.

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