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Friday, May 22, 2009

Biden in Beirut Today

US Vice President Joe Biden is spending a few hours in Beirut today. Apparently the idea is to support the March 14 movement and other pro-Western forces in the runup to the elections.

Oh my. I voted for Obama-Biden, but I recognize that Joe has that Vice Presidential syndrome that Spiro Agnew pioneered and Dan Quayle made famous, of sometimes saying unfortunate things that don't come out quite right. I hope it goes well. By this afternoon I'll be on the road for the Memorial Day holiday, so I may not be able to comment directly. Personally, I think the best way to help March 14 is to show no favoritism at all: the opposition is determined to portray them as tools of the US, Israel, and the reactionary Arab regimes (everyone except Syria, basically, and its non-Arab ally Iran). Good luck, Mr. Vice President. Let's let the Lebanese vote, and not try to endorse, since it could very well backfire.

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