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Friday, May 8, 2009

Blogroll Debuts at Last

Rather belatedly, I'm starting a blogroll down on the lower right, and will probably add a links list to major Middle Eastern news sites as well. If your blog isn't on it yet, please don't be upset; I'll be adding almost daily, I suspect, for some time to come.

I'm starting with the political blogs, dealing with current events and policy, since I suspect that's where my heaviest readership comes from, but I'll be adding blogs on culture, language, etc. as we go along: perhaps in separate blogrolls. News links and other resources will be added in due time. I may start a separate list for country-specific sites if the list gets too long.

UPDATE: I note that blogs beginning with "The" are alphabetized under "T", and that my first blog in a non-Roman alphabet alphabetized after everything else. At the moment I think that will have to be the default order as the blogroll gets longer.

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