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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Arab Reform Bulletin Format

Michele Dunne (no relation save a common interest in Egypt) over at the Carnegie Endowment's Arab Reform Bulletin E-mails that they've shifted their format from five articles once a month to one or two a week; when you subscribe by E-mail you can set your delivery preferences to daily, weekly, or monthly. (Or you can choose country-specific, regional, topical, or full RSS feeds.) The new issue has two articles, Husam Tammam on "Egypt's New Brotherhood Leadership: Implications and Limits of Change," (also available in Arabic here), and Brian Katulis, "Iraq's Elections Highlight Gap in US Policy," (Arabic version available here).

Arab Reform Bulletin is consistently good if you have any interest in following reform and democratization/election issues in the Arab world, and the new format means timelier delivery of their articles.

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