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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter 2010 Issue of MEJ

Those of you who subscribe to the hard copy of The Middle East Journal should have gotten your copies of the Winter 2010 issue in January, but due to technical issues, our web hosts for the electronic version, Ingenta, have just now gotten it up. So it's time to link to it. The main page for the issue is here. If you are a subscriber and have not used the electronic version before, this link explains how to activate the electronic subscription for individuals or institutions. (Non-subscribers may purchase individual articles for download.)

The articles are:
  1. Hashem Ahmadzadeh and Gareth Stansfield, "The Political, Cultural, and Military Re-Awakening of the Kuridish Nationalist Movement in Iran." We hear a lot about the Kurds in Turkey and Iraq, but since the Iranian Revolution information on Kurdish movements in Iran has been sparse. This article helps fill that gap.
  2. Dawn Chatty, "The Bedouin in Contemporary Syria: The Persistence of Tribal Authority and Control." An anthropologist's work on Syrian tribes today.
  3. Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, "Friends No More? The Rise of Anti-American Nationalism in Turkey." The title tells the story.
  4. Caroline Montagu, "Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector in Saudi Arabia." Adding information on an important but still little-documented aspect of Saudi society.
  5. Silvia Borzutsky and David Berger, "Dammed if You Do, Dammed if You Don't: The Eisenhower Administration and the Aswan Dam." Applying modern theories of policy formation to an old standby of the modern Middle East.
  6. The Book Reviews, with the main essay by William Hale, "Nationalism, Democracy and Islam in Turkey: The Unfinished Story," reviewing six books on Turkey.
Plus, as always, the Chronology of the quarter, and other departments.

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