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Friday, June 4, 2010

Egypt's Shura Council Elections

While most Middle East media and bloggers were focused on the Gaza flotilla and yours truly was flat on his back or in surgery, there was little coverage of Egypt's Shura Council elections. A predictable exception was Issandr El Amrani (The Arabist), who wrote a good one for Middle East International, which he reproduces at his website, along with some good links.

The Shura Council, Egypt's Upper House, generally is considered less relevant than the People's Assembly (the Lower House), but as The Arabist notes, there are points worth making.

Since he does a good job of it, I'm typing in bed with the laptop at an awkward and, as my orthopedic surgeon reminded me today, I'm typing on drugs (which, before the obvious comments appear, I have not done before). So I'll let you read his post, and maybe try again when the dosage is decreased.

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