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Monday, June 21, 2010

Good News for Gaza, or a Brief Reprieve?

After all the publicity and furor of the past couple of weeks, is Gaza better off with the "relaxed" siege? Marc Lynch sees the emerging resolution, if such it is, as a "Good Deal for Gaza," which he characterizes as "the Israeli government will significantly ease the blockade of Gaza in exchange for American support for a whitewash of the investigation of the flotilla incident." Assuming that is indeed what transpires — assuming Israel doesn't backpedal — he's no doubt right, since a lot of investigative commissions can lead to lots of self-righteous denunciations but no improvement in the situation on the ground, while this might help everyday people trying to live in Gaza.

Meanwhile, The Arabist has some thoughts on a somewhat similar line, in "Did the Freedom Flotilla Work?"

It says something about the state of the peace process that we grasp at straws where we can to find good news.


Anonymous said...

The Egyptians opened Rafa crossing 24/7. The palestinians can trade and get everything through there.
Why this insistent that Israel open its crossings?

why the palestinians don't want to conduct all of their affairs through Egypt?

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer my question.

It tells that that the issue is not really Gaza at all,but the Continuity of burdening Israel with it.

Is that why I can't get an answer?

Michael Collins Dunn said...

I assumed it was a comment, not a question. Obviously the relief provided by Rafah being open is welcome, but does not approach the level of trade and employment once reached when the Israeli crossings were open.

Anonymous said...

Today (yet again) 9 mortars and rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel.

No country in the world allowes its enemies to seek trade or employment.
Why would Israel open its border to such an enemy?
I ask again.
why the palestinians don't want to conduct all of their affairs through Egypt?