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Monday, June 27, 2011

I Guess it Could Get Worse; It Just Did

The whole Gay Girl in Damascus hoax should have caused enough embarrassment by now to just simply let it die. But there's more. There are allegations that a defender of the hoaxer was, in fact, yet another sockpuppet of the original hoaxer, since the postings came from his ISP address. He defends himself, but at this point the story needs to end. Pay no more attention to this, or this guy, or this site, or this site's defenders. It's distracted us all from what's really going on in Syria, and that verges on the criminal.

I, for one, will not mention this blogger again unless it is determined he (formerly she) is a conscious agent of the Syrian government. He has certainly been an unconscious one. Shame.

I have to make a presentation today at noon at the World Affairs Council of DC on the Egyptian Unfinished Revolution, so my posting today, other than this one, will be late-ish.


David Mack said...

Hoping you will post somewhere your comments on the unfinished Egyptian revolution.

Michael Collins Dunn said...

Mostly it was a distillation of thoughts that have already appeared here at greater length.