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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is Salih Out for Good, or Just Down for the Round?

Is it too soon to caption this picture, "three down, one to go"? Is ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Salih's departure to Saudi Arabia where he has undergone two surgeries for injuries sustained in the rocket attack on Friday likely to mean he is out of Yemen for good? The Yemeni protesters seem to think so, even though the Saudis say he'll be returning to Yemen after a two week convalescence.

Though his Vice President is still in charge at home, the Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker, also both wounded, are in  Riyadh as well. Even assuming the government statements that he received only "scratches" were true (and the fact that he's had two surgeries, one a neurosurgery, makes that assumption unlikely), a lot can happen in two weeks, especially in a country that was already on the brink of civil war.

This has been a brief drive-by posting on a Sunday. I now return you to your regular weekend and will have more to say as the story develops.

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