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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Moor's Reading List on North Africa

Kal at The Moor Next Door has a very useful list of suggested readings — all in English — on North Africa, from general regional histories to country-by-country studies. I commend it to you, and the fact that he mentions one book with a chapter by me has nothing to do with the recommendation. It's a good, solid list, and a reminder that unlike a generation or so ago, there is today a solid bloc of historians and scholars of the Maghreb who are writing in English rather than French.


David Mack said...

This list does not include anything by Dirk Vandewalle, who has done more than anyone to explain why the Libyan state under both Idris and Qadhafi was so dis-functional. I recommend A History of Modern Libya (Cambridge, 2008). The title is a bit misleading, as Vandewalle is more of a political economist than a historian. It lays out nicely the challenge for the incoming regime.

Anonymous said...

The reason Vandewalle is not mentioned is because, as in the introduction, it does not include books already put on reading lists on the blog -- Vandewalle's books are mentioned in the previous list.