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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Color Video of Cairo and Alexandria in the 1960s

Via Zeinobia, a nostalgic way to see out the old year: a YouTube video of color footage of Cairo and Alexandria in the 1960s: Happy New Year! And days of auld lang syne:


David Mack said...

Takes me back to my Fulbright Scholar days, 1965-65. Hard to believe is that I never saw a single traffic jam. There was a dark side though. Grinding poverty and starvation was common, even with a population of "only" 35 million. My youthful eyes filtered most of that out of my memory, but I decided I had been there too long when I walked around a corpse on the sidewalk without stopping to check for a sign of life.

idit said...

A sad commentary of how low Egypt has fallen in the last 30 years.