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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Comment of the Day on the NGO Raids: SCAF to Arrest Itself Soon?

Since we are assured that the seizure of records and closure of 17 (some say 18) human rights and democracy oriented NGOs today was purely because they were receiving foreign funding, and being the optimist that I am in accepting  the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is the protector of the revolution and not its enemy, I will assume they started with the small fry, and within the next day or two will go after 1) the second largest party in the elections, Al-Nour, heavily funded by Saudi Arabia; 2) the largest party in the elections, Freedom and Justice, funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn receives large donations from Saudi Arabia and other GCC states; and 3) finally and in order to preserve justice and consistency, SCAF will raid itself, seize its own records, and close itself down, since that $1.3 billion of US military assistance shows it's obviously the biggest agent of an outside power currently operating in Egypt. Then it arrests itself. This is going to happen, right? Right?

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