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Monday, January 28, 2013

My Four-Year Blogiversary, and Post Number 3416

Four years ago yesterday, January 27, 2009, this blog began with a single placeholder post; four years ago today, I began regular blogging.

I had posted 3415 posts as of Friday, with posts every day except for (most) weekends, holidays, and a few days in 2010 when I was hospitalized with a broken hip and the painkillers made me too incoherent (even more so than usual, at least) to blog.

Let me thank my regular readers. In that first post I noted that the blog would eventually move from the Blogger platform to the main MEI website. Four years (and a couple of MEI webmasters) later, let me say that again; only this, time, I believe we're really going to do it. Don't worry; nothing essential will change.

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