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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

About Those Awful Russian Photographers ... and Golf on the Pyramids

Just last month we were all linking to wonderful photos taken by Russian photographers who had climbed to the top of the pyramids, which is illegal despite people having been doing it for oh, 4,500 years (give or take a few); the government screamed, the photographers apologized, and everyone loved the photos.  It's been said that in colonizing the Spanish went where they could find gold, the French and Russians where they could find furs, and the British . . . well, this photo suggests that they went where they could find the ultimate golf tee:
Now, I'm no golfer, though I hope he's using a driver if he hopes to hit the Chephren pyramid. My parents made me take golf lessons as a kid and, like most forced lessons, it soured me on the game forever. But, I wonder if this isn't a picture golfers shouldn't venerate right up there with, of course, the ultimate golfer's dream, hitting a golf ball on the moon: Astronaut Alan Shepard hit two on February 6, 1971:

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