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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Intriguing Piece of Ancient Egyptian Art

We've been mired in the third millennium long enough, so it's time for a little Ancient Near East. This intriguing piece from the Egyptian New Kingdom is a cosmetics spoon, apparently for applying kohl. It's delicate and elegant, but what to make of the imagery? (Hat tip to Diana Buja; image via this Spanish-language Egyptology site.)

Well, it's a girl or young woman, and a duck. (Maybe a goose? Let's call it a duck.) Since the girl seems to be wearing only a loincloth and no top, let's assume she's swimming. Duck suggests water; prone position suggests swimming. It's an interesting spoon, but a bit hard to figure out the backstory:
  • Is this a really gigantic duck, or a really small woman? If the former there's a 50's sci-fi movie theme here.
  • Is she holding on to the duck because she can't swim?
  • Or is she perhaps pushing the duck?
  • Am I over-analyzing this?
The only one I can answer is the last one: probably yeah. But a fascinating piece. Said to be piece number 1725C, in the Louvre.

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