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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

For the Royalty Buffs: Son of Last King of Egypt Engaged to Granddaughter of Last King of Afghanistan

A social note for the fans of former royalty (and you know who you are): Former King Ahmad Fuad II of Egypt, who was the last King of Egypt (his father King Farouq abdicated in his then-six-month-old son's favor in July 1952, and though he went into exile with his father, he nominally remained king until June 1953, when Egypt was declared a republic), has announced that his eldest son, Prince of the Sa‘id (traditional title of the Heir to the Throne), Prince Muhammad ‘Ali, is engaged to marry Princess Nawal Zahir, granddaughter of the last King of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah, who died in 2007.  Fuad II (who is divorced) is 61, Prince Muhammad ‘Ali is 34, and Princess Nawal is 33.  Prince Muhammad ‘Ali works in real estate in Paris. Fuad II, who increasingly looks like his father Farouq, lives in Switzerland.

I vaguely understand how sitting royal families matchmake, but is there a matchmaking service for deposed royal families?
Fuad II at the right, happy couple in the middle (possibly bride's mother at left?)


Josh Spero said...

I hope you'll enjoy this piece then: what do royal families do after they're deposed? http://www.spearswms.com/good-life/general/28632/the-children-of-deposed-royal-families-on-life-after-revolution.thtml

Michael Collins Dunn said...