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Friday, May 3, 2013

"Someone Crazy Enough to Translate al-Mutanabbi"

M. Lynx Qualey at Arabic Literature (in English) notes that the Library of Arabic Literature project is still looking for "Someone Crazy Enough to Translate al-Mutanabbi."  The great poet is considered by many Arabs the greatest of them all, but notoriously difficult. I took a graduate course on al-Mutanabbi once, in Cairo. I not only never understood the poetry, I didn't always understand even the explanations. Best of luck to them.

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hsb said...

A Tunisian author has taken Mutannabi and transported him to post-revolutionary Tunis - to see how the great poet would react to Tunisia's popular neighborhoods today. It's an interesting concept and an interesting read (in French), even if it doesn't approach a proper translation of the original. http://www.institutfrancais-tunisie.com/?q=node/4404