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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Russian-Turkish Clash: A Map

I'll refrain from editorial comment until we know more about the circumstances of the Turkish downing of a Russian Su-24, since Turkey says it was in Turkish airspace and Russia says it was inside Syria. But Turkey says it was near Yayladağı in the Hatay, and here's the border region around Yayladağı:
Tactical Pilotage Chart Sheet ONC G-4D
That is one tricky border.

UPDATE: If this story is true, some Su-24s are relying on commercially purchased GPS receivers. If that's true, and given that border, would you trust a store-bought GPS. It was probably saying "recalculating . . ."

Also the Turkish complaint to the UNSC says the intruders spent 17 seconds in Turkish airspace. 17 seconds? Whatever happened to signaling "follow me" and escorting the intruder out of your airspace?


Anonymous said...

Given NATO's concerns about violations of airspace, perhaps, Mr. Putin will provide enhanced air defense system to Greece. Or perhaps your President will station missiles to shoot down Turkish planes intruding into Greece.

The 17 second rule should apply to everyone.


Gennadi Osipovich, Major (Ret) said...

I knew my action was right! Thank you USA Government!!!