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Friday, August 28, 2009

Doings on Other Blogs

A couple of notes from the Middle East blogosphere:

  • Just when there's at least a faint rustling that a Lebanese government might actually be formed sometime in the next few weeks, the fine Lebanon-watcher Qifa Nabki warns that he'll be returning to Harvard and his doctoral studies after a year in Lebanon, and may not be blogging as heavily. I hope he at least checks in when a Cabinet is formed. Of course, it's already been three months since the elections, so he might have plenty of time to get settled. (Seriously, as this Daily Star article notes today, there's concern now that President Michel Suleiman's plans to travel to New York for the UN General Assembly in late September could be jeopardized if there's no Cabinet by then.)

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LJ Marczak said...

Not a completely disinterested party but AlManar is quoting Harriri as saying Hizbullah will be in the new national unity government.


On the negative side an escalating war of words between Sfeir and Fadlallah over whether 8 March should be included in the government.