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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Almost Certainly the Best Headline About Avicenna You Will See Today

Avicenna (not from life)
Ibn Sina, the great Persian-born 11th century polymath, philosopher and physician known to the medieval West as Avicenna, doesn't make a lot of news these days, and I don't think this blog has had an Avicenna post before. So how can I possibly resist linking to the headline, "Did Avicenna kill himself by having too much sex?"

One of the best Avicenna headlines ever, to be sure (though it's not a huge universe of competitors), but sadly the post summarizes a paper not linked, which apparently answers the question, "no, not really."

But it's a headline that grabs you, doesn't it? At least if you're a medieval Islamic historian at heart, as I am.

And as both a philosopher and a physician, I sort of like to think Avicenna might have said, what a way to go.

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