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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Senator Who? Egypt Independent Discovers a New One

I knew it was bad news back in April when Al-Masry al-Youm closed the print issue of Egypt Independent and announced that the English-language website would draw its editorial content from the Arabic daily.

Today, Egypt Independent managed to discover a 101st US Senator: "Firm action against terror must be taken, Republican senator says."
Egypt Independent sits down with Republican senator Maurice Bonamigo.
Egypt Independent: How do you see the scene in Egypt after the 30 June revolution?
Maurice Bonamigo: Let me begin by saying that Egypt is now living an historic and decisive moment. The people were able to overthrow Mohamed Morsy, and the military stood by their legitimate demands.
Umm ... Maurice Bonamigo?

Al-Masry al-Youm, an independent, non-government paper, is not fond of the Muslim Brotherhood, but surely there are enough Republican Senators and Congressmen who share that view that you shouldn't have to make one up?

The conservative Weekly Standard wrote a piece called "Egyptian Media Creates US Senator Out of Thin Air," and I'll admit that most Google searches bring up only the Egypt Independent Story, but the Weekly Standard updated to say there is a political consultant by that name. No, I never heard of him either. It's certainly possible they interviewed him, but who gave them the idea he was a US Senator? [UPDATE: The Washington Post has more. He's apparently a Florida hairstylist.]

Can we bring back the old Egypt Independent staff now, please?

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