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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"The Koshks of Cairo"

Here's something about Egypt that isn't so gloomy: a piece on Cairo's well-equipped kiosks: "The Koshks of Cairo."  If you need it, they've got it.

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3am el-7ag said...

Thanks for this Mr Dunn; much appreciated!

If I'm not mistaken, that very first koshk is close to Midan Victoria, along Port Said Street. Can anyone else guess?

I have some fantastic memories of koshks in Cairo and the hours I spent chatting, smoking, drinking and, most of all, listening outside them. Koshks have something for everyone: packets of 'Arosa tea, pens, individual cigarettes as well as packets, plus the fantastic magazine, newspaper and book selections of the larger ones. My top 3 koshks would be: 3) Ahmed al-Gusayri (laqb as can't remember his real name) and family's koshk, close to Volume 1 bookshop at the 206 Street intersection in Maadi; 2) close to the excellent Na'ama takeaway/restaurant, just down the road from the British Council on the Agouza Corniche; 1) has to be one just across the road from Abu Tariq's Koshary joint behind Tahrir Sq. Long live the koshk and their long-suffering proprietors!!