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Monday, August 12, 2013

The General Sisi Comments Continue

The satirical comments to my original post about General Sisi really picked up after my second post noted that my readers have a keen sense of humor. The second post now has 37 comments, in addition to the original five at the first post.

A small selection:
Abdel Moneim said...
That's not the only invention that our kindly leader for life came up with.

In order to pay for his sister's wedding he sold the Winklevoss Brothers the idea for Facebook or Kitab al Wag as he called it for Fifty Pounds. They were visting on Spring break from Harvard.

As an honorable man, he never went back on his word on the sale or tried to extract money from them because to a man of honor his word is more important than mere money.

The General's idea came from his study of ancient Egyptian temple paintings. A story for another time of how he influenced a young Zahi Hawass choice of career and later guided him to make several important discoveries in the Valley of the Kings.
Zahi said...
Even the hat was his idea.
M. H. Heikal said...
You published the picture of a young AlSisi giving flowers to President Nasser but you did not tell the story!

Maybe you do not know or maybe you are trying to hide our selfless leaders accomplishments.

When he gave Nasser the flowers, Nasser bent down to thank him and AlSisi said "You should build a dam at Aswan".

Nasser liked the idea and later used to consult him on a regular basis.

AlSisi was sick with influenza in June 1967. Had he been well, the course of history might well have been changed.
My readers are kidding, but the state media continues to draw parallels between Gen. Sisi and Nasser, and I think they're serious.

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David Mack said...

Nasser was a master at inducing mass euphoria in his audience. When I was there as a student, I felt it. Not sure that Al-Sissi has this gift. Almost get the feel that we are witnessing self induced hero worship. This may not survive the the bitter economic realities. Egyptians will need their sense of humor.