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Monday, August 5, 2013

Egypt's Deadly Month

Egypt Independent offers a summary and detailed timeline of just how bloody things have been; many of the clashes in provincial cities have been largely ignored abroad:
Since the 30 June demonstrations against Mohamed Morsy, at least 300 people have lost their lives in political violence in Egypt. This includes both pro and anti-Morsy protesters, security forces, Copts killed in sectarian violence, as well as police and civilians killed in attacks in the restive Sinai Peninsula. The true death toll is probably higher. This count relies on media reports and Health Ministry statements, which may not provide an accurate picture of the violence.
This death toll translates to an average of 8.3 people dying every day since the 30 June protests. And beyond the staggering total, it illustrates Egypt's persistent instability. The country has not witnessed two consecutive days without any casualties, and has suffered through three days during which over 40 people lost their lives and thousands more were injured.

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