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Monday, June 22, 2009

Chatham House Report on Iranian Vote

Juan Cole points to a new report from Chatham House that seeks to spell out the alleged rigging of the Iranian elections. The report is here (PDF) and the cover webpage here. Juan's analysis is here.

I'm no expert on statistics, but for those who've been asking where the evidence of fraud is, this may provide something of an answer. As I've said before, though, this has long since become an issue of perception rather than fact: virtually everyone outside Iran and increasing numbers inside are convinced the results were rigged, and the protests are likely to continue in any event.


freude bud said...

"virtually no one outside Iran and increasing numbers inside are convinced the results were rigged"

you meant to say:

"virtually EVERYONE outside Iran and ..."

Michael Collins Dunn said...

Oops. Thanks: fixed.

Anonymous said...

Michael Dunn,
How are you--it's been almost 30 years. Heard you were still here through Philip Khoury. No email address for you so I'm writing here. Meredith Spencer Ellsworth

Michael Collins Dunn said...


Long time indeed. As I look at the new MEI website Putting my direct e-mail on here will get picked up by spambots, but if you go to this page:


you'll find my e-mail on there easily enough.

It's not exactly a full c.v., but this post on the blog gives a general summary of the last few decades:


Michael Dunn