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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lebanese and Iranian Election Readings

I may have more thoughts on the speech later, but in the meantime I thought I'd offer some suggested readings for the upcoming elections in Lebanon (Sunday) and Iran (next week).

First, Lebanon:
  • A lengthy piece in the UAE newspaper The National by Elias Muhanna (who blogs as Qifa Nabki) on General Aoun and his followers. Again, as I've said several times, a victory for "March 8," if it occurs, will likely see Hizbullah hold its own but Aoun gain seats, so before anyone panics about a "Hizbullah victory" they should consider how Aoun fits into things.
Next, Iran:

  • The BBC reports on Iran's first televised Presidential debate involving an incumbent. Ahmadinejad against Mousavi. But I'm also seeing reports that Mohsen Rezai is nibbling away at Ahmadinejad's support on the hardline right. While as I've said before, Ahmadinejad is likely to win (no Iranian President has lost his bid for a second term), but I don't rule out a surprise.

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