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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Six Months On: Thanks to My Readers

I almost let this slip past: my first Blog post of any substance went up on January 28, so the Blog is now six months old. (I'd put a "Watch this space" placeholder up the day before, but won't count that.)

According to the counter in the archive column over there on the right, this should be the 439th post. I currently seem to have 132 subscribers to the RSS feed, usually have the most pageviews in mid-week (my high to date is 334), and comments are slowly beginning to grow. I'm not one of the big dogs yet, but I thank those who keep coming back here, and especially those who link or blogroll me.

My most popular posting remains about the Marwa al-Sherbini case (over 1600 page views to date); my second most often visited is my post on Arabic transliteration.

I'm having fun. I'm even going to post while on vacation next week, though perhaps not as frequently.


Andrew Farrand said...

Enjoying the blog... keep up the good work!

Trey said...

Definitely enjoy it, appreciate the work.

Michael Collins Dunn said...

Thanks, all. Tell your friends and neighbors.