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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Odds and Ends Worth Reading

I'm not saving the roundups till Friday this week since there's a fair amount of interesting linkage to link to:
  • I've already noted that The Moor Next Door is doing good coverage of the Mauritanian elections on July 18, about the only go-to site I know in English (there's more in French, of course). Here's his latest on candidate Messoud Boulkheir, the candidate of Haratine origin (literally "freedmen": descendants of slaves, but Arabic speaking, not sub-Saharan). Besides the obligatory comparison to Barack Obama, there's the curious introduction that might in an American context seem a little patronizing, but probably is fine in Mauritanian context:
    If the campaign for the 18 July elections in Mauritania were an American movie, Messoud Boulkheir would be portrayed by Morgan Freeman. But the movie would be somewhat of a departure for Freeman: its ending would evoke cynicism more than hope.
  • Marc Lynch's post yesterday on Palestinian elections is a good summary: it looks like Abu Mazen is joining his PM Salam Fayyad in calling for holding them on time and saying he'll step down if Hamas wins: he's calling their bluff, I think, but it's an interesting development.
  • Thanks to The Arabist yet again for citing my Marwa al-Sherbini post; I do basically agree with him that the whole comparison of this to Neda Agha Soltan or any other news item is pointless, but I thought it worth noting the growing controversy in Egypt. And I don't think the issue is that it isn't topping Michael Jackson in the Western media*, but rather that even the German media was pretty silent. As some have noted, this is changing: BBC, Al-Jazeera English, and others are getting the word out. And meanwhile, the Egyptian media seems to have pretty universally adopted the phrase shahidat al-hijab, "martyr of the hijab" (head veil).
[*This marks the first mention of Michael Jackson in this Blog. I had hoped to hold out completely, but The Arabist's comments forced my hand. Personally, I still miss Elvis.]

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