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Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Reading

If the new readers are still around, perhaps I should explain that since I don't blog on weekends, I've taken to putting together a sort of catchall "weekend reading" list of reports, studies, or postings of interest in the field. It's pretty much whatever I'm aware of and isn't meant to be comprehensive.

And, a I noted in the previous post, according to my counter this will be the 400th post since starting in January. A full hundred of those appeared in June, thanks to the Lebanese and Iranian electons, the Obama speech in Cairo and the Iranian uprising.

  • David Pollock at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy has sometimes criticized methods of polling in the Arab world, but today he's noting some new polls that show the US doing better in the "Arab street." [Oops. For several hours I had it spelled "Pollack." Sorry, Dave. Must have been thinking of Ken. Fixed now.]

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