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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Salih Won't Run Again EIther

Now it's Yemeni President ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Salih who says he won't run again when his term expires in 2013; nor will he seek to run his son as his successor. He came to power in then-North Yemen in 1978, so he has ruled even longer than Husni Mubarak.


McDevite said...

I'd like to believe this means something, but he's pulled this particular stunt before, and given how far off the election is, and given turmoil in Egypt, I'd be floored if he stuck to this barring further events pushing him out of the way.

Michael Collins Dunn said...

Excellent point. I've been so focused on Egypt I forgot he promised not to run last time as well.

But 2014 is a long way off. If (when, in sha' allah) Mubarak goes, all bets are off.