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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Winter 2011 Middle East Journal

Subscribers should already have their hard copy issues, but the online edition of the Middle East Journal is now available. The online access is here. (For subscribers wishing to access the electronic edition, instructions are here. You can find information about subscribing here. Non-subscribers can purchase individual articles for a fee.)

The articles (click through to read the abstract) are:

Tribal Law and Reconciliation in the New Iraq. Katherine Blue Carroll.

Two Articles on alternatives to the two-state solution:

The Interspersed Nation-State System: A Two-State/One-Land Solution for Israel-Palestine. Nathan Witkin.

The One-State Solution: Palestinian Challenges and Prospects. Laila Farsakh.

Zoroastrians in Iran: What Future in the Homeland? Richard Foltz.

Economic and Institutional Reforms in the Arab Gulf Countries. Martin Hvidt.
Book Review Article: Polyvalent Islam in the Public Square. Bruce B. Lawrence; plus the full book review section.
Chronology of the quarter.

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