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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Economist on Arabic Dialect Dubbing

This blog has discussed Arabic dialects and the problems of diglossia several times, so I thought I'd note this column from The Economist on dubbing in dialect. Apparently Turkish dramas tend to be dubbed in Syrian Arabic, but Bollywood Indian films are dubbed in Gulf Arabic. (If that surprises you, you've probably never been to the Gulf.)

Added note: as I was adding the topic tags to this post I noted that both the previous post on Jack Shaheen and this one carry the tag "film," In two and a half years of blogging, these are only the fourth and fifth posts tagged film. What are the odds of their appearing in successive posts? (Though the "film" tag also includes my scholarly discussion of the Sex and the City 2 "in CGI Abu Dhabi" trailer last year.)

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