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Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Egypt Notes

  A few notes and links on Egyptian themes:
  • PM Esam Sharaf was rumored today to have had a stroke. Instead, it was apparently just exhaustion. For most of the past week he's been wrestling with the Cabinet reshuffle, negotiations with the Military Council and the protesters, etc., so that seems credible. Meanwhile we're now being told former President Mubarak's "lapsed into a coma" was just low blood pressure. Egyptian doctors are sure working wonders these days.
  • Charles Dunne (no kin, but he is an MEI Adjunct) meanwhile has a new piece on  "Egypt's Turbulent Road to Democracy."
  • An Al Jazeera English video discussion on "Egypt: Revolution in Progress" involving Nawal Saadawi, Essam El Erian of the Muslim Brotherhood (that's an interesting pairing right there), Saad Eddin Ibrahim, and Max Rodenbeck. A high powered if very diverse group.

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