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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seems Like Old Times

I'm off for the Fourth of July Weekend but for those who were wondering if Arab Spring meant the old days were totally beyond us: early reports say Morocco is reporting a 98% "Yes" vote in the constitutional referendum.

Even Nasser often settled for 97% or so. Of course Saddam once claimed 100%.

This is real change from the throne down?


Anonymous said...


Michael Collins Dunn said...

Let me just add to the previous commenter's link that mamfakinch.com has become one of the most important Moroccan opposition websites.

Anonymous said...

Nasser used referenda 4 times during his presidency.

Sadat 10 times. The peace treaty with Israel achieved a 99% affirmative vote.

Ussef said...

Does it help to explain it that no one campaigned fr the no? It was either Yes or Boycott, so roughly it translates as a 70% Yes and 25% No, and 5% who were too sluggish to go anywhere... (it was incredibly hot)
Actually, that was the same proportion of Voters to boycotters among my own family and friends, not that it means anything, but still...

This result can't be dismissed on the ground that 98% is too high to be true, I believe it is.