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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anthony Shadid Dies in Syria

Shockingly, The New York Times has just reported that Anthony Shadid has died in Syria while on an assignment in eastern Syria, apparently of an asthma attack. His photographer took his body across the border into Turkey. He was only 43. Though he had been held by government forces while reporting from Libya last year, ironically he died not from hostile action but from asthma.

Shadid was one of the best journalists covering the Middle East; an Arab-American who spoke the language, he also showed real understanding of the region. Twice winner of Pultizers, he covered the region for The Washington Post before moving to The New York Times.

This is a shocking loss.

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David Mack said...

Not "one of the best." Tony really had no peer among the current generation of Western reporters covering the Middle East. I have written this morning to the Washington Post on behalf of the many of us at MEI who valued his work.