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Monday, February 27, 2012

Springborg on the Brotherhood/SCAF Alliance/Rivalry

Bob Springborg has a good piece at Foreign Policy called "Egypt's Cobra and Mongoose," on the Muslim Brotherhood/SCAF dynamic. He notes the history:
The deadly struggle for power between Egypt's rulers and Muslim Brothers dates back to the rule of King Faruq, with each episode following virtually the identical script. Each time, for a brief period ruler and Brothers "cohabit," but the marriage of convenience soon breaks down amidst mutual recrimination. The ruler, recently arrived on the monarchial or presidential throne, reaches out to the Brothers to benefit from or at least neutralize the political support they command. For their part the Brothers seek purchase within the state to ward off threats, obtain resources, and gain footholds from which they may commence their final ascent to power. But this cooperation will not last, to judge by history -- a history well known to all players in today's unfolding story.
It's an interesting contribution to the analysis of the ongoing dynamic. But are we sure the Army is still the mongoose in this equation?

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